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Zusi Alternative Championship 2005

Logo Championship

Zusi Alternative Champion is Mr. Peter Zimmermann.

Runner-up is Mr. Sven Jaehnig.

Third placed is Mr. Timo Albert.

Honourable prices
The James Watt Memorial Price is awarded to Mr. Michael Poltmann for best energy results during qualifying.
The Railion® Foundation Award is won by Timo Albert for dynamic driving of a freight train during the quarter finals.
Finally the winner of Franz Muentefering & Rudolf Scharping Honour Price for driving unhurried through the Sauerland is once more Timo Albert.


Countdown to the final
Download (German only): erge2005.pdf (23 KB)
Track: Netz Düsseldorf
Schedule: Berufsverkehr 2003, 15-17 Uhr
Train: 97699 modified (Bxf ahead, loco 143), KLBY 03:34 p.m. - KD 04:10 p.m.

RankParticipantResult %Result MJSubstraction door
1Timo Albert1001800 
2Julian Scheer1001927 
3Jonathan Alt1001980 
4Max Senft9517981
5Andreas Karg951872 
6Peter Zimmermann9418791
7Michael Franz931788 
8Sven Jähnig9019302
9Michael Poltmann8716152
10Christian Költgen7018291
11Frank Wenzel01797 
12Klaus Zimmermann-918956
13Daniel Schuhmann-36180015
Valution: percentage; in case of a tie the more efficient use of energy was valuated; each door not enterable from the platform 5% were substracted.


Quarter finals
Track: Main-Weser-Bahn V4
Schedule: Standardumlauf Container
Train: IRC76859 modified (2x loco 151), FDTH 11:13 a.m. - FFG 11:44 a.m.

V1Timo Albert100%, 14.367 MJ-Andreas Karg79%, 10.822 MJ
V2Julian Scheer0%, 14.542 MJ-Peter Zimmermann50%, 17.426 MJ
V3Jonathan Alt3%, 14.028 MJ-Michael Franz0%, 16.091 MJ
V4Max Senft0%, 16.635 MJ-Sven Jähnig44%, 15.908 MJ
Modus because of the rank of the qualifying: first vs. fifth, second vs. sixth, third vs. seventh, fourth vs eighth.


Semi finals
Track: Obere Ruhrtalbahn V0.9
Schedule: 2003
Train: RE73724 modified (loco 216 + regional waggons, set of brakes 'M'), EWTB 10:33 a.m. - EMSD 11:14 a.m.

H1Timo Albert72%, 796 MJ-Peter Zimmermann77%, 1018 MJ
H2Jonathan Alt0%, 1404 MJ-Sven Jähnig83%, 1046 MJ


Drive for rank 3
Track: Neustadt - Nonnendorf
Schedule: Aktuell1
Train: RE44325 modified (loco 141 + double deck waggons), Bad Solheim 03:56 p.m. - Neustadt 04:33 p.m.

F3Timo Albert93%, 1540 MJ-Jonathan Alt32%, 1677 MJ


Track: Left Rhinetrack
Schedule: 2004, 15-19 Uhr
Train: D11128 (loco 113 + 5 TEE waggons), KKO - KKDZ

F1Peter Zimmermann90%, 4824 MJ-Sven Jähnig67%, 4645 MJ


Schedule download
All schedules are included in the following .zip-file: Extract the zip and you'll get the .zad-file 'AlternativMeisterschaft05_Fpl.zad'. Doubleclick this file and all championship schedules will be installed automatically with the prefix AM05_.

Photos and championship talks at the Zusi forum on Zusi Alternativ Meister 2005 (German only).


updated: June 16th 2005
created: july 14th 2004