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module 10
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module 11
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module 12
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module 13
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module 14
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module 15
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TTN 471 (Koblenz - Mainz)

Left Rhineroute

Koblenz - Boppard passable
Boppard - Mainz planned for Zusi 3
TTN 471, progress
Download:official add-on versionZIP file, 32.006 KBmarch 25th 2008Cologne - Boppard
containing ZPA certifikate, of course! Please install all other add-ons before!
Bug report and information:
Zusi forum, thread Linke Rheinstrecke (Köln=Deutz - Boppard) (German only)
Information in english is hosted within the thread a little bit of advertising

Mainz at night

The modules 11 (Rhens) and 12 (Boppard) are passable since the release of the official add-on version on march 25th 2008. Several pre-constructions were made for module 13 (Oberwesel), modules 14 to 18 are only planned up to now. More planning and constructing will be done after the release of Zusi 3.
Furthermore TTN 479 from Boppard to Bucholz will be constructed as well. It is a pretty rampant route, the most rampant in Germany driven by 'normal' locos. It will be contained within module 12 after an update.
An overview is also given here with the following links to original photos and screen shots.

module 10   Koeblenz South   screenshots   original
stations: Koblenz Main Station
This module contains parts of module 09 from TTN 470, excluding Koblenz-Luetzel.

module 11   Rhens   screenshots   original
stations: Koengisbach Bf, Rhens Bf, Spay Hp

module 12   Boppard   screenshots   original
stations: Boppard Hbf, Boppard Bad Salzig Hp, Boppard-Hirzenach Hp, Werlau Bf, Buchholz Bf

module 13   Oberwesel   screenshots   original
stations: Werlau Uest., St. Goar Bf, Oberwesel Bf

module 14   Bacharach   screenshots   original
stations: Bacharach Bf, Niederheimbach Bf, Trechtingshausen Hp

module 15   Bingen   screenshots   original
stations: Bingen Hbf, Bingen Stadt Bf, Bingen-Gaulsheim Hp

module 16   Gau Algesheim   screenshots   original
stations: Gau Algesheim Bf, Ingelheim Bf

module 17   Uhlerborn   screenshots   original
stations: Heidesheim Hp, Uhlerborn Bf, Budenheim Bf

module 18   Mainz   screenshots   original
stations: Mainz-Mombach Bf, Mainz Hbf

updated: july 03rd 2008
created: january 07th 2004