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TTN 470 (Cologne - Koblenz)
TTN 471 (Koblenz - Mainz)
Around Koblenz
(Andernach - Rhens)

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Left Rhineroute

The Left Rhineroute built up in Zusi is leading aside the third biggest European river from Cologne to Mainz via Koblenz as time table number 470 and 471. The route is constructed by Bernd Schröder using the construction with modules. First the whole route should be released in one route file. But the beta version of Cologne - Koblenz needs high power from a normal PC, thus each time table number will be released in one seperate route file.
There are two versions under construction: version 1987 and version 2000. Heinz Knauf is supporting the constructor reinstalling the signals. For example the Ks-signals were set by him. The strange signals from Cologne Work Yard Station for Zusi were also constructed by him.
Time tables are added by Sascha Ohrem.
As an intermediate version before certified by Zusi Prüfamt (ZPA) a mixed version called 'Around Koblenz' is released since june 03rd 2006. It was put together for the event '50 years of standard electric locos of German Railways'. It contains the modules 8 and 9 from TTN 470 though the module 10 from TTN 471.
And the we passed march 25th 2008: the official add-on for the Left Rhineroute, TTN 470 and module 11 though a part of module 12 of TTN 471 was released on Zusi home clicking 'downloads' 'add-ons'. Work on the Rhinetrack under Zusi 2.4 will be stopped now. Planing and constructing TTN 471, especially modules 13 to 18, will not start before the release of Zusi3.

map of Left Rhineroute
TTN 470 (Cologne - Koblenz)
TTN 471 (Koblenz - Mainz)

Around Koblenz (Andernach - Rhens)


updated: july 03rd 2008
created: february 04th 2005