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 Bitburg-Erdorf Bf
 Bitburg Stadt Bf
 Bitburg Masholder Hp
 Messerich Bf
 Wolsfeld Bf
 Niederweis Hp
 Irrel Bf
 Menningen Hp
 Minden Bf
 Edingen Bf
 Ralingen Bf
 Wintersdorf Bf
 Metzdorf Bf
 Mesenich Bf
 Igel Bf

 Irreler Tunnel
 Ralinger Tunnel
 Mesenicher Tunnel

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Ralinger Tunnel

Ralinger Tunnel, Photo 1

Southern portal with a signal skeleton, the signal was probably never located here as long as the track was in use. Nowadays there is an alighted bicycle way leading through the tunnel.


updated: March 03rd 2005
created: November 24th 2004